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Consultancy Services

ZCAS consultancy services primarily focus on clients’ needs. Our team of experienced experts in different fields assists organisations in tackling the most critical issues and performance challenges that impact their business.

We have in-depth experience and expertise in offering customised in-house solutions to various organizations. Our agile and customer centric approach always ensure that client’s expectations are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer the following consultancy services:

  • Project monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Performance Evaluations and Impact Evaluations.
  • Performance management and appraisals.
  • Strategic and Business Plans
  • Organisational and operational improvement.
  • Financial Management systems optimisation.
  • Fraud investigations and prevention.
  • Financial mismanagement investigations.
  • Project management
  • Developing policies and procedures manual.
  • Developing study manuals.
  • Training Needs Assessment, course design, training manuals and staff training