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About ZCAS

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Our Vision

“A leader in the development of qualified business professionals in the region desirable to the needs of the industry”.

Our Mission

“A leading institution that provides training, research, consultancy and advisory services in accountancy, finance and related fields in order to contribute to capacity building and public accountability”.

Core Values and Beliefs

To realize its vision and mission, ZCAS believes in a cultural-centric approach anchored on perceived values and beliefs. Our values and beliefs underscore who we are and what our customers expect to see, as outlined below:

  • We value “Visionary and focused leadership”.
  • We value and embrace “honesty and integrity”.
  • We believe that the brand of the center is anchored on its “high level of professional excellence”.
  • We are committed to being an institution that is “customer and market driven.”.
  • We believe that the success of the centre depends on “teamwork and participation”.
  • “Discovery, Innovation, and Creativity”: We are committed to the pursuit of inquiry and discovery and to the creation and dissemination of knowledge.
  • “Stewardship and Accountability”: We are committed to being responsible stewards of institutional resources and to being accountable for upholding the full scope of these values.