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ZCAS was established by Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1989 for purposes of training accountants, promoting research and advancement of learning in accountancy, finance, and related studies, providing advisory and consultancy services, and for related matters. As mandated by law, our Research, Consultancy, and Advocacy Unit is a hub of expertise supporting clients with best practice solutions to organizational challenges and performance issues in accountancy, finance, and business-related focus areas. We believe that research informs our innovation and provides us with a platform to carry out consultancy, advisory, and advocacy services.

ZCAS has provided corporate training and capacity building activities, consultancy, reviews, research, and advisory services to local as well as international organisations. Our client base includes Government Ministries and Departments, Private Sector Entities, Non-Governmental Organisations and several donor agencies that have benefited from our in-depth experience in offering customized service solutions.