Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies

Room 131 - First Floor (George Sokota) [room_131.ics]
(Mon - Fri)
[1]Mon6UCF - Corporate Finance (elective) PM(F5) - Performance Management AFM-ACCA/ZICA3.6 - Advanced Financial Management  RESE1081 - Thematic Independent Study 
[1]TueFBT - Foundation in Business and Technology  ZICA3.2/ACCA - Advanced Audit and Assurance AFM-ACCA/ZICA3.6 - Advanced Financial Management  AFM-Advanced Financial Management
[1]WedFBT - Foundation in Business and Technology  FFA - Foundations in Financial Accounting AFM-ACCA/ZICA3.6 - Advanced Financial Management  BUSI1494 - Small Business Development 
[1]ThuFBT - Foundation in Business and Technology     AFM-ACCA/ZICA3.6 - Advanced Financial Management  AFM-ACCA/ZICA3.6 - Advanced Financial Management/ ZICA 3.7 - Public Sector Audits and Assurance
[1]Fri          COMP1640 - Enterprise Web Software Development 

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