Our team has strong educational credentials, industry experience, intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity and commitment to values to get the job done. We carefully select expert consultants based on their experience, knowledge and competences suitable for a client’s consultancy and research needs.

Dr Egret C. Lengwe - DBA, MSc Strategic Management, Pg. Cert. BRM, Dip. AC, IDPM, FCCA, FZICA

Dr Lengwe is the Executive Director and CEO, and he provides the overall management affecting the operational nature of ZCAS. He is involved in various Consultancy, Researcher and Advisory services and able to direct the overall organizational development and growth of Research, Consultancy and Advocacy. He has vast experience in crafting of strategy, implementation, and analysis; financial management cutting across the public, private and NGO sectors; project development and management; accounting and auditing; financial planning and investment; training of trainers; training needs assessment; course design and development of training manuals.

Having worked in the office of the Auditor General for over twelve (12) years, he accumulated vast experience in both the public and private sectors including parastatal organizations. He has conducted a number of training workshops in financial management, project management, monitoring and evaluation, fraud, forensic audits and investigation, corruption and risk management, strategic planning, marketing, project proposals, corporate governance, interpretation of financial statements. Dr Lengwe has also undertaken several consultancies in the areas of monitoring, evaluation and reporting; project completion; investigations, advisory services; analysis and interpretation of financial reports; curriculum development and Quality Assurance.

Mr. Bruce Mwewa (MBA, BAcc, FZICA)

Mr. Bruce Mwewa is the Head of our Research and Consultancy function. He has over 17 years cross functional experience in financial management, tax compliance, audit, technical accountancy advisory, capacity building, process improvement and academia.

Mr. Mwewa is also experienced in executive management and governance having previously held senior management positions including Director of Finance as well as Board Committee Membership.

He has assisted organisations to optimize their financial management systems, improve business processes and application of accounting standards. He has provided consultancy services to the World Bank, ZICA, audit firms and local businesses on a number of projects.

Mr. Rabbie Mukuma (MSc Finance, FCCA, ACIMA, AMCT, FZICA)

Mr. Mukuma is the acting Director of Professional Studies. He has vast experience in Treasury Management, Risk and Financial Management, Quality Assurance and Investment Strategies. He brings his expertise in several business-related areas that would make an organization succeed. He has over 10 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors. Mr. Mukuma is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration Degree with Herriot Watt University, Scotland. He also has vast experience in lecturing. He is also an author and writer of finance modules and the financial articles.

Mr. Kenny Chabala (MBA, FCCA, FZICA)

Mr. Chabala has vast experience in accounting and audit-related matters. He brings to the ZCAS consultancy team his expertise from the private sector and lecturing experience in business-related subjects. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration Degree with Herriot Watt University, Scotland. His current research interests are in the areas of corporate governance and its implications for strategic positioning.

Dr. Serah Beza Mbewe (DBA, MSc, BSc Computer Science)

Dr Beza Mbewe is the ICT Manager. She has expertise in Management Information System networks and software systems development. She has worked in the IT sector for over seventeen (17) years. She previously worked as a lecturer and Assistant Dean – School of Open, Distance and eLearning for ZCAS University. Dr Beza Mbewe also worked as a senior ICT Consultant, DE and eLearning co-ordinator in the Research, Consultancy and Distance Education Directorate. She also worked as an internal consultant (looking at ZCAS’s internal ICT need and making sure that ZCAS is up to speed with the latest technology) and externally consulted on behalf of ZCAS in the Information Communication Technology field through facilitation of workshops, short courses, and any other ICT consultancy work.  She has lectured in Application Development for Mobile Devices, Development, Frameworks and methods, Agile Development; E-Business Management, Fundamentals in Programming, Web Engineering, and IT and the Environment, Financial Modelling and Forecasting.

Mr. Kashinta M. Katongo - Director of Finance (MBA (Herriot-Watt), BAcc, FCCA, FZiCA)

Mr. Katongo is the Director of Finance for ZCAS. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than seventeen (17) years hands on experience out of which fifteen (15) have been at senior management level.

Mr. Derrick Kalunga (MBA, FCCA, FZICA)

Mr. Kalunga has over ten (10)  years of experience in finance and administration accounting work at one of the major mining companies before joining higher education institutions as a lecturer.  Mr. Kalunga is a lecturer in Financial and Cost Accounting. He lectures foundation courses in taxation and also supervises research projects for undergraduate students. He also reviews text books in accounting before publication.

Mrs. Velenasi Z. Kangwa (ACCA, GZICA)

Mrs. Kangwa is a lecturer in Financial Accounting and Reporting with eleven (11) years of experience.  Mrs. Kangwa keeps up with latest updates in financial reporting requirements aimed at providing an organization’s stakeholders with relevant and more useful information that enhance decision making. She has a strong and methodical approach to enhance understanding of participants.

Mr. David T. Musona (MA Economics, BA Economics)

Mr. Musona is a certified trainer of trainers and is also certified by Micro Save and International Training Centre – ILO as a service provider (trainer and consultant) in Microfinance. His work experience spans over a period of more than twenty (20) years. His work experience includes working in transport, development banking and international development institutions. Among the positions held includes Capacity Development Adviser at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Zambia mission. Mr. Musona has vast experience in consultancy having been a consultant on USAID, DFID, SIDA, World Bank and UNDP-funded projects.

Mr. Musona has also undertaken consultancy assignments outside Zambia in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique and Nigeria. Mr. Musona presently lecturers Economics and he is Head of Department in the School of Social Sciences.

Mr. Mwansa M. Mwansa (MBA-FIN, BBA, ACCA, FZICA)

Mr. Mwansa lectures auditing and financial accounting to both professional and academic accountancy students.  Mr. Mwansa has been in academia for Seven (7) years, prior to which he worked both in the public and private sector where he accumulated vast experience in auditing and risk management. Mr. Mwansa is also actively involved in training workshops in financial management, fraud, forensic audits and investigation, compliance and performance audits, corruption and risk management, corporate governance, preparation and interpretation of financial statements. He has also undertaken consultancy in the areas of Public Financial Management for the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ).

Mr. Francis Mukosa (MBA, BA-Business, Adv. Dip-Marketing, Dip-Marketing, FZIM)

Mr. Mukosa is a Lecturer marketing and has over eighteen years of work experience with a background in management of various portfolios including ICT, marketing and corporate affairs. He has been involved in a number of consultancies including a water project in the Eastern Province of Zambia as an MIS expert and building strategic and marketing plans for various organizations. Mr. Mukosa is a Doctor of Business Administration student and is conducting research in social media marketing.

Mr. Mukosa is also a publisher and author of scientific researched articles as shown below:

  • Mukosa, F. Mweemba, B., & Katebe, M. (2017) what is Public Policy? How is it related to the law? Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Vol. 8, Issue 9, 2017 (Print) ISSN: 2454-1362 (online)
  • Mukosa, F. & Mweemba, B. (2019) (The) Digital Divide Hindering e-Learning in Zambia International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development Vol. 2 Issue 3 May-June 2019 (Print) ISSN: 2581-7175 (online)
  • Sakyi, K.A., Mukosa, F., Mweemba, B., & Katebe, M. (2019) Opportunities Threats and Challenges in Anarchistic and Autarkic States- Utopian States versus Dystopian States- Plight of Communities and Individuals in the Modern World Urban Studies and Public-Schoolink administration Vol. 2, No. 3 2019 ISSN 2576-1986 (Print) ISSN 2576-1994 (Online)

Mr. Gerald K. Chimbukuma (MBA, FCCA, FZICA)

Mr. Chimbukuma is a Fellow of both the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) and the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (FZICA). Mr. Chimbukuma has over nineteen (19 ) years lecturing experience. His lecturing specialization is in the areas of Corporate and Financial Reporting. He also holds a Master’s degree from Heriot Watt University, UK, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration from the same university. His research interests include; Challenges in the Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) in Third World countries.

Mr. Fines M. Muyumba (MBA, BBA, Dip Marketing, Dip Project Management)

Mr. Muyumba is the acting Business Development Manager. He is an astute Business Development professional with a passion for customer satisfaction. He has vast experience in sales and marketing having worked for more than fifteen (15) years in the media and education sectors. He is an MBA professional from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands with a specialization in Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Economic Development.

Mr. Carter M. Bbune (BSC, MSc (Accounting and Finance), PGD (Actuarial sciences), PGD (Project Management), ACCA)

Mr. Bbune has 28 years of teaching experience. He holds a master of science in Accounting from University of London, Postgraduate diploma in Actuarial sciences from UNZA, Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management from Cambridge University. He is also an examiner of the International Baccalaureate Organization in Mathematical Applications and Interpretations. He is currently the Coordinator for ACCA and FIA programs at ZCAS.

Mr. Charles Mubanga (MBA, FCCA, FZICA, PGID-MS)

Mr. Mubanga is a fellow for both the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA). He has over Twenty- five (25) years of in the field of audit and financial management. He is currently lecturing Advanced Audit & Assurance and Corporate Financial Management.