ZCAS was established by an Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1989 for purposes of training accountants, promoting research and advancement of learning in accountancy, finance and related studies, providing advisory and consultancy services, and for related matters. As mandated by law, our Research, Consultancy and Advocacy Unit is a hub of expertise supporting clients with best practice solutions to organizational challenges and performance issues in accountancy, finance and business-related focus areas. We believe that research informs our innovation and provides us with a platform to carry out consultancy, advisory and advocacy services.

ZCAS has provided corporate training and capacity building activities, consultancy, reviews, research and advisory services to local as well as international organisations. Our client base includes Government Ministries and Departments, Private Sector Entities, Non-Governmental Organisations and several donor agencies who have benefited from our in-depth experience in offering customized service solutions.


With over 30 years of developing finance and business leaders, ZCAS is reputed for the following capabilities:

  • Well qualified team of experienced consultants and professional staff who bring deep and functional expertise in process improvement in financial management, strategy, marketing, operations, technology, monitoring and evaluation across all sectors. Our subject matter experts have worked and acquired vast practical experience in various business sectors.
  • Excellent institutional facilities and tools that enable us to meet our client’s specific needs and objectives.
  • Excellent track record in designing, developing and delivery of innovative solutions to clients’ organisational challenges.
  • A reliable network of partnerships and collaborations allowing us to seamlessly provide inventive insights and solutions to clients’ real-world problems.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Zambian economic, political, social, technological and legal environment.


Consultancy Services

ZCAS consultancy services primarily focus on clients’ needs. Our team of experienced experts in different fields assists organisations in tackling the most critical issues and performance challenges that impact their business.

We have in-depth experience and expertise in offering customised in-house solutions to various organizations. Our agile and customer centric approach always ensure that client’s expectations are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer the following consultancy services:

  • Project monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Performance Evaluations and Impact Evaluations.
  • Performance management and appraisals.
  • Strategic and Business Plans
  • Organisational and operational improvement.
  • Financial Management systems optimisation.
  • Fraud investigations and prevention.
  • Financial mismanagement investigations.
  • Project management
  • Developing policies and procedures manual.
  • Developing study manuals.
  • Training Needs Assessment, course design, training manuals and staff training

Corporate Training Services

We provide practical and up-to date training solutions across a wide spectrum of business and professional categories. We have both public and in-house training designed to meet specific needs and demands of our clients. Our capacity building and training programs are proven to benefit both employees and their organisations. ZCAS is renowned for assisting participants to improve performance metrics, increase productivity and upskill their knowledge of job-related tasks. Our range of Training Services covers:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)
  • Accounts payable management.
  • Fixed asset accounting and management.
  • Inventory accounting and management.
  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost control
  • Pastel Accounting Training
  • Treasury Management
  • Investment and Hedging Strategies
  • Effective Preparation for the Audit Process
  • Integrated Tax Training
  • Internal Audit and Internal Controls
  • Cost Reduction and Control
  • International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs).
  • Mastering Accrual Accounting practices.
  • Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Accounting for Donor-Funded Projects.
  • Municipal Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Municipal Financial Management and Governance for Councilors.
  • Fixed Asset Accounting and Management in Public Sector Entities.
  • Accounts Payable and Management for Public Sector.
  • Effective Preparation for the Audit Process.
  • Internal Audit and Internal Controls.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Financial Governance for Board of Directors.
  • Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers.
  • Fraud Awareness, Corruption and Money Laundering.
  • Performance Management.
  • Proposal, Reports & Minutes Writing.
  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce.
  • Front Office Management.
  • Customer Service.
  • SME Business and Financial Management.
  • Microsoft Excel and Financial Modelling.
  • Microsoft Project Specialist.
  • ICT Systems development and Deployment.
  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce.
  • Computer programming and coding.
  • ICT for Business Executives.
  • Developing Strategic and Business Plans. 
  • Balance Scorecard.
  • Strategies to Grow Your Organisation “Critical Thinking as a means to Strategic Success”
  • Leadership and Supervisory Skills.
  • Entrepreneurship Skills.
  • Management Skills Course
  • Project management.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting.
  • Contract Management.
  • Preparing Project Proposals.

Research Services

Our Research activities are anchored on well-structured Key Thematic Areas (KTA) that serve as a focal point for research as well as policy development. The KTA’s also assist in influencing collaborations and external funding. We collaborate with several think-tank organisations including the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections (JCTR), the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) and Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) on number of research projects. As such our research approach is poised to pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge to help in providing solutions to societal needs and creating a positive impact on national policy development on accountancy, issues of public financial management, accounting and finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and SME management.

While we conduct research and survey initiatives to contribute towards broadening our knowledge base in line with the ZCAS Act, we provide full-service research assistance to clients encompassing:

  • Public policy research.
  • Stakeholder surveys.
  • Business evaluations.
  • Organisational need assessments
  • Market surveys and assessments

Our research output feeds into our advocacy activities in relation to learning and advancement of training in accountancy, public finance and governance aspects.


Our team has strong educational credentials, industry experience, intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity and commitment to values to get the job done. We carefully select expert consultants based on their experience, knowledge and competences suitable for a client’s consultancy and research needs.

Dr Egret C. Lengwe – (DBA, MSc Strategic Management, Pg. Cert. BRM, Dip. AC, IDPM, FCCA, FZICA)

Dr Lengwe is the Executive Director and CEO, and he provides the overall management affecting the operational nature of ZCAS. He is involved in various Consultancy, Researcher and Advisory services and able to direct the overall organizational development and growth of Research, Consultancy and Advocacy. He has vast experience in crafting of strategy, implementation, and analysis; financial management cutting across the public, private and NGO sectors; project development and management; accounting and auditing; financial planning and investment; training of trainers; training needs assessment; course design and development of training manuals.

Having worked in the office of the Auditor General for over twelve (12) years, he accumulated vast experience in both the public and private sectors including parastatal organizations. He has conducted a number of training workshops in financial management, project management, monitoring and evaluation, fraud, forensic audits and investigation, corruption and risk management, strategic planning, marketing, project proposals, corporate governance, interpretation of financial statements. Dr Lengwe has also undertaken several consultancies in the areas of monitoring, evaluation and reporting; project completion; investigations, advisory services; analysis and interpretation of financial reports; curriculum development and Quality Assurance.

Mr. Bruce Mwewa (MBA, BAcc, FZICA)

Mr. Bruce Mwewa is the Head of our Research and Consultancy function. He has over 17 years cross functional experience in financial management, tax compliance, audit, technical accountancy advisory, capacity building, process improvement and academia.

Mr. Mwewa is also experienced in executive management and governance having previously held senior management positions including Director of Finance as well as Board Committee Membership.

He has assisted organisations to optimize their financial management systems, improve business processes and application of accounting standards. He has provided consultancy services to the World Bank, ZICA, audit firms and local businesses on a number of projects.

Mr. Rabbie Mukuma (MSc Finance, FCCA, ACIMA, AMCT, FZICA)

Mr. Mukuma is the acting Director of Professional Studies. He has vast experience in Treasury Management, Risk and Financial Management, Quality Assurance and Investment Strategies. He brings his expertise in several business-related areas that would make an organization succeed. He has over 10 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors. Mr. Mukuma is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration Degree with Herriot Watt University, Scotland. He also has vast experience in lecturing. He is also an author and writer of finance modules and the financial articles.


The following is a partial list of clients who have benefited from our expertise and high-end professional services in the past:

Our Collaborating Partners

The following is our network of partnerships and collaborations that helps to deliver on our mandate and promise to our clients:

  1. Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections (JCTR)
  2. Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)
  3. Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA)
  4. Office of the Auditor General (OAG)


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